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The effective, environmentally safe way to control mosquitoes on your Property - Mr. Garlic™

The revolutionary Lueders’ Mr. Garlic™ mosquito treatment program was developed for those who want to control mosquitoes and would prefer not to use traditional pesticides.

Lueders’ Mr. Garlic™ provides a way to enjoy the summer by using an organic, safe product that repels those pesky mosquitoes PLUS it may also work to repel ticks, which is especially helpful if you have children or pets that spend lots time in the yard.

Once applied by a Lueders technician, Mr. Garlic™ works instantly and keeps on working for weeks. We automatically schedule follow up visits so your yard is protected throughout the summer. Enjoy your yard this summer with Mr. Garlic™!

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Detailed overview of Mr. Garlic™

Mosquitoes prevent you from fully enjoying your yard during the summer months. Not only are they a nuisance but they can spread illnesses. Pesticides are effective in helping to control mosquitoes; however, their use should be limited. The Mr. Garlic™ mosquito treatment program was developed for those who want to enjoy their property and would prefer a natural organic approach that can be used more often to control mosquitoes.

 Mr. Garlic™ is a mixture of garlic and other 100% natural organic compounds that work to repel mosquitoes. It is an all natural repellant, not a pesticide. It is completely safe for children, pets and the environment – and can safely be used around vegetable gardens.

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, some evidence leads us to believe that the sulfur content of Mr. Garlic™ repels ticks. This is a particular benefit for the family including their pets that spend time in the yard.

Depending on the weather and the mosquito population, Mr.Garlic is typically applied from June through September. Your Lueders Environmental technician will treat your entire lawn and shrubs with Mr. Garlic™ and as well as areas of adjoining woods. Since the product is organic, it breaks down and will lose effectiveness over time. Typically, a treatment lasts three to four weeks (depends on the weather) at which time another application is scheduled.

Many clients are initially concerned about a potential odor issue with a garlic product, however, other than a very slight scent of garlic for a short time, it completely odorless.

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